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Welcome to Element Designs! This is a website where you can learn about Adobe Photoshop, and web design in general. Take a look around, post in the forum, whatever. Just enjoy yourself.


NEW TUTORIAL! - 5/3/2003

Uploaded a new tutorial today, how to make perfect rounded edges every time! Check it out here. Still not accepted at neopages. Hopefully next week.... I'll get the long awaited cog tutorial up soon. I also updated the links with a link to neopages.net and fixed a few other things.

Until next time,


NEWS UPDATE - 26/2/2003

Okay, well. The application hasn't been accepted yet at neopages, but I'm optimistic that I'll get in sometime or other. Mindless idiots from my school were insulting this site and spamming links in the shoutbox I set up for them to chat in - so it's gone, and isn't coming back. If you want to post a message, use the forum.

Also some minor changes in the site layout with bugs fixed and improvements made - see if you can spot them. I hope to upload my new cog tutorial sometime soon, too. By the way - soon I'll start running out of ideas for tutorials so if there's an effect you really want to know how to do, e-mail me and I'll try fix something up!

Okay, I think thats all. Take care..



A few things have happened around here.
  • I have started actively searching for a new host. I have spoken with people regarding interim hosting until I can get somewhere more permenant, whilst searching for a new host. This search has lead me to a few sites, amongst them neopages.net. My application is being considered, so let's keep our fingers crossed that I'll have a new host soon and this site will really be able to take off! More news to come, undoubtedly.
  • I have added the rust tutorial to the tutorials section. Check it out here.
  • I have expanded the downloads section to include layer styles, and added 'Blue Chrome'. The downloads section lives here.
  • I am looking for people to work alongside me on the website. This may take on various forms - writing tutorials, expanding the downloads section, moderating the forums (when we get a new host). Of course, there is no pay, so if you're not interested in working for free, don't ask. Serious applications to b3ns0n@msn.com, moderate Photoshop/HTML experience is required.

Be sure to check out the new downloads, and tell your friends about this site. I'll keep you posted on news regarding the hosting situation, and try and get a new tutorial up within the coming week. Now I'm back at school, it should be steady at one tutorial, layer style and wallpaper per week. We'll see how it goes.


NEW FORUM ONLINE - 17/2/2003

I finally managed to get a forum sorted out today, aswell as the 'Downloads' and 'Contact' pages. I used dk3 for my forums, and though they're not very customisable, they'll do until I get a better web host. Be sure to take a look around, and check out the forums here.



So ELEMENT DESIGNS V2 is finally born! After a V1 that was pretty pathetic and had no actual content, I have decided to update both the layout, and the content, and make this a fully-functional website.... because, err, I was bored. V1 Was just about seeing if I could make a website, and now I've achieved that, I actually want to make this place decent. I'll try get a nice splash page up as soon as possible, maybe something in flash, if I can be bothered.



Okay, I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name is Ben, and I live in England. I am 15 years old, and currently studying for my GCSEs at Grangefield School.

So what made me design this website?

Towards the end of 2001, whilst playing an online game called Runescape, I developed an interest in graphics, through the "media board" on the Scapeboard Runescape community forums. I began to use Jasc Paint Shop Pro to create graphics, but soon progressed to Adobe Photoshop® 7, which I greatly preferred. The main thing back in those days was making signatures for the forum, (and selling them for money in-game, etc), and so together with a few friends, I did this, and so gained quite a bit of experience in 'graphical coolness' . After I quit that game (thank god! - It was so addictive), I was at somewhat of a loss as to what to do with my photoshop skills (which weren't and still aren't that great). I followed a few cool websites' tutorials, which you'll find in the links section, and gradually gained experience. As September 2002 came, I began to put use photoshop a great deal more, due to the VGCSE ICT option I had chosen at GCSE. One of our small projects was to build a website, for which we used Microsoft Publisher?!?! *yawn* After being inspired by this, and by seeing some of my friend's sites, I decided to have a go at making my own. One problem. I had no subject matter. "What do I know most about?" I thought. "Hmm. Pythagoras Theorum" "NO, Thats too boring *stabs brain*" so I decided to make a site on graphics, and element designs V1 was born. I used Photoshop and Imageready to create it, and it wasn't bad, for a first attempt, graphically not bad, but with some coding bugs. I couldn't fix these, and kept having to ask friends for help, so I decided enough was enough, and I had to learn HTML. Once I'd learned HTML, and could be bothered to make a site.... I did this.

Oh well. Have a look around, enjoy the tutorials, etc.



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